Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology Minister Tom Evans delivered the Nunatsiavut Government’s 2024-2025 budget Wednesday evening during a sitting of the Nunatsiavut Assembly in Hopedale.  This year’s financial plan is built on improving the health and social well-being of Labrador Inuit, building Nunatsiavut’s economy, and celebrating Inuit culture and language.

The budget reflects $108 million being remitted to the Nunatsiavut Government from the Government of Canada, with an additional $225 million carried forward from previous years. These funds will support governance activities, health, housing, infrastructure, Indigenous early learning and child care, and more. In addition, the Government will support its operations, programs and services with revenues from personal income taxes, GST and investment income.

“These revenues enable our government to make strategic decisions grounded in evidence and needs and to monitor our success,” Minister Evans said.

Key highlights include investments in housing units for Elders and vulnerable populations, the Labrador North Wireless Broadband project, support for the Nain airstrip, a refresh of the Nunatsiavut Housing Strategy, and funding for language and cultural programming. The Government will also continue to support the Nunatsiavut Housing Commission and its programs, as well as invest in a new community office for Rigolet and a regional education office in Makkovik.

The budget also includes investments in employees, staff housing units in all communities, and other initiatives to encourage Labrador Inuit to live and work in Nunatsiavut.

“Employees are the key to the success of our government, as well as to the programs and services we deliver to Beneficiaries of Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement,” noted Minister Evans. “We are committed to sustainable growth and development for the benefit of all Labrador Inuit.”

The budget also includes funding for operations of the Inuit Community Governments, recreation, economic development, and the placement of Community Development Officers in each community to focus on tourism and economic development priorities.

“We are committed to making strategic decisions based in evidence and needs, and to monitoring our success to ensure that every dollar is maximized for the benefit of Labrador Inuit,” added Minister Evans. “I am confident this budget will help pave the way for unprecedented growth and development, as we work to fostering a thriving and sustainable future for our people and our communities.”

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