Department Overview

Focused on the health of both our people and our heritage, numerous programs have been developed by this department’s divisions to promote and preserve that which makes us unique.

Culture / Language

Through a number of programs and initiatives, the centre is able to provide the resources necessary for our youth and adults to develop a pride and passion for who they are.

Archaeology and Heritage

As one of the original inhabitants of Canada, our people have a great history that we wish to both preserve and promote.


We are proud of the home of our people, and we aim to showcase its beauty to the world through a number of initiatives that develop both our economy and our culture.

Nunatsiavut Stories

A digital storytelling initiative focused on preserving Nunatsiavut’s rich oral history. Here you will find audio recordings and videos of original stories or stories passed down and told by the people of Nunatsiavut.

Introduction to Inuttitut Lessons

A one-stop spot for resources, instructional videos, and materials to help you practice and learn Inuktitut.

Tenders & RFPs

View and download current tenders below, as well as search current opportunities by keyword.


We will strive to keep you informed and up to date on Nunatsiavut Government programs, services, initiatives and events, etc.