Aksunai! Welcome to the Nunatsiavut Department of Language, Culture and Tourism.

The origin of the Department of Language, Culture and Tourism dates back to the creation of the Torngâsok Cultural Centre (Torngâsok) under the Labrador Inuit Association (LIA) in 1978. Torngâsok was created to “promote, protect, preserve and advance the culture, language and heritage of the Labrador Inuit”. When the Nunatsiavut Government formed, Torngâsok became the Department of Culture, Tourism and Recreation. In the Fall of 2019 through the acceptance of the revised Origination Order the Department changed its name to Language, Culture and Tourism. Today the mandate of the department is outlined in the Nunatsiavut Government Organization Order (an Inuit law amended in 2019). According to the Organization Order, the functions of the Department include:

  1. Establishing and administering the cultural and linguistic affairs of the Inuit and the Nunatsiavut Government, including policies, programs and services for the preservation, use and development of Inuktitut;
  2. Ensuring the supply of translation services for the public in relation to Nunatsiavut Government programs and services;
  3. Overseeing and managing the Illusuak Cultural Centre;
  4. Establishing and administering policies, programs and servicers to ensure that the Nunatsiavut Government meets its responsibilities to preserve, protect and manage the historic resources of Nunatsiavut; and
  5. Administering Nunatsiavut Government policies, programs and services in relation to tourism.
  • Department Overview

    Focused on the health of both our people and our heritage, numerous programs have been developed by this department’s divisions to promote and preserve that which makes us unique.

  • Culture / Language

    Through a number of programs and initiatives, the centre is able to provide the resources necessary for our youth and adults to develop a pride and passion for who they are.

  • Archaeology and Heritage

    As one of the original inhabitants of Canada, our people have a great history that we wish to both preserve and promote.

  • Tourism

    We are proud of the home of our people, and we aim to showcase its beauty to the world through a number of initiatives that develop both our economy and our culture.

  • The Nanilavut Initiative

    Nanilavut means “Let’s find them,” in Inuktitut. This program helps Inuit families find information on loved ones sent away during the tuberculosis epidemic of the 1940s to the 1960s. Some of whom never returned. 

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