We welcome visitors from around the world to experience the beauty of the Labrador Inuit, their traditions, culture, heritage and the profound natural environment that has sustained them for all times.


Tourism Nunatsiavut will stimulate the growth of culturally and environmentally sustainable, responsible, and economically viable travel products, honouring the traditions, legacies, and future of Labrador Inuit.

Strategic Plan

The Tourism division is responsible for developing and supporting a vibrant, healthy tourism sector in Nunatsiavut. Through research and community-based consultation workshops, a Refreshed Nunatsiavut Tourism Strategy in 2021. Refreshed Nunatsiavut Tourism Strategy

Our industry development revolves around our unique Inuit experience offering:

Our five communities: Rigolet, Postville, Makkovik, Hopedale, and Nain; the Torngat Mountains National Park Base Camp and Research Station, the Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve :Sites of historic or cultural interest including the Hebron National Historic Site


Our mandate is to:

  • Create the conditions necessary for the establishment of a viable tourism industry
  • Guide sustainable tourism sector development and marketing in ways which honour, respect, and bring benefit to the Labrador Inuit and their communities
  • Leverage the advent of the Torngat Mountains National Park
  • Stimulate the creation of culturally and environmentally appropriate travel products which attract world-travelled consumers seeking world-class experiences
  • Conduct benchmarking practices to ensure the experience is delivered at the highest possible level
  • Ultimately serve as a best practice model for touristic economic development in Canada’s north


Art and Craft


To advance artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity for the benefit of individuals and communities while continuing to preserve our culture and history.


To continue to support Nunatsiavut Inuit Artists by providing support to improve access, artist development opportunities and building strong partnerships with artists and art organizations.

Strategic Plan

The Tourism division is responsible for developing and supporting the art and craft sector in Nunatsiavut. Through research and community-based consultation workshops, a Nunatsiavut Art Strategy was developed in 2021. Nunatsiavut Art Strategy


Research and Documents

Refreshed Nunatsiavut Tourism Strategy

Nunatsiavut Arts Strategy

  • Department Overview

    Focused on the health of both our people and our heritage, numerous programs have been developed by this department’s divisions to promote and preserve that which makes us unique.

  • Culture / Language

    Through a number of programs and initiatives, the centre is able to provide the resources necessary for our youth and adults to develop a pride and passion for who they are.

  • Archaeology and Heritage

    As one of the original inhabitants of Canada, our people have a great history that we wish to both preserve and promote.

  • Tourism

    We are proud of the home of our people, and we aim to showcase its beauty to the world through a number of initiatives that develop both our economy and our culture.

  • The Nanilavut Initiative

    Nanilavut means “Let’s find them,” in Inuktitut. This program helps Inuit families find information on loved ones sent away during the tuberculosis epidemic of the 1940s to the 1960s. Some of whom never returned. 

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