Nortech Holdings Limited (Nortech) is a 100%, solely owned, indigenous company that has been operating in Labrador for over 25 years.  We have a rich history of training and employing indigenous workers to meet and exceed national standards in the performance of their related duties.  As an indigenous company, we are sensitive to and promote cultural awareness of social and workplace issues that affect indigenous workers.

Nortech has partnered with various Newfoundland and Labrador and Canadian companies wishing to obtain work in Labrador.  During Nortech’s evolution, we have kept our indigenous heritage intact.  Throughout this process, Nortech maintains a minimum of 51% ownership and encourages and monitors the partnership’s efforts in its hiring and training practices and policies.

Our goal is to bring the best value, highest level of performance and most economical methods of delivering service to our clients while preserving, encouraging and promoting aboriginal values.

Nortech has formed a limited partnership with DFB Driver – DF Barnes Group while retaining 51% control of the partnership.  Our partnership provides a full range of construction, project management and site services for energy extraction and resource development on Canada’s east coast.

Please find attached the link to the DF Barnes website for your review.  This site shows the extensive range of services provided by our partnership.  These services are very complimentary to the needs of Rio Tinto/IOC at Labrador West.  Some of the services offered by our partnership are:  Construction-Civil, Construction-Mechanical, Construction-Electrical, Construction-Structural, Construction-Instrumentation, Construction-Design/engineering, Maintenance, Fabrication, Project Management, and Commissioning Services.

Our intent is to provide the most cost effective delivery of our services in the most efficient and safe process possible, all the while, representing the need and values of the indigenous community.

DFB Driver-Nortech Labrador LP is a registered partnership with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunatsiavut Business Centre and Indigenous Business Canada.

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