Nasittuq Corporation delivers multifaceted site support services including buildings, facilities and equipment preventive and corrective maintenance in support of plumbing systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, diesel electric generators, electrical distribution systems, and a water treatment plant; annual building inspection of all interior and exterior elements; preventive maintenance and repairs on installed equipment including compressors, fridges, cooking equipment, overhead range hoods and permanently installed appliances; accommodations and janitorial services; provision of Emergency work and Task Authorizations in support of Engineering Work Plans; roads and grounds services; inventory management for vehicles using a CMMS; maintaining a CMMS to schedule and track all corrective and preventive maintenance requirements; document control and drawing upkeep; fire protection and reporting device maintenance and repair; airfield services, including runway, taxiways and apron maintenance, SNIC, grading and compaction; HAZMAT collection, storage, packaging, labeling, reporting and readying for disposal via air transportation; and food services.

Nasittuq’s mission is to provide exemplary technical and management services to our customers, while increasing opportunities for Inuit participation as trainees, employees, suppliers and owners.  We are committed to building on our past successes to provide even greater opportunities to our shareholders for economic growth and to individuals for personal development.  Nasittuq has a dual mandate: providing superior technical service and supporting Inuit in achieving enhanced economic participation, locally and nationally.  This mandate places Nasittuq in a significant leadership role in today’s Arctic, building capacity through four prime mechanisms: equity participation, contracts with Inuit businesses, community support and opportunities for Inuit individuals.

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