​We provide industrial slings, full line of industrial supplies and safety supplies, certified and tested.​

Northern Slights & Things Ltd. is a very diverse company that is involved in a number of Industries. The daily operations would be a wire rope sling manufacturer that is equipped to test and certify the wire slings, hooks, turnbuckles, hoists, come-a-longs and all your rigging needs for lifts. Northern Slings has a lay down yard with storage facilities.

Northern Slings & Things Ltd. also offers services such as hydraulic hose fittings with a crimper on site, Greenline hose and fittings, pumps for different needs, Capital Safety fall arrest equipment with two competent inspectors on site. Transport solutions such as tow straps, ratchet straps, ratchet binders. Dewalt industrial tools and accessories. Industrial supplies for all your needs as Northern Slings and Things Ltd. is a distributor of SCN industrial. Lubricant Solutions with ProLab Technology products for wire, diesel, gas, Hydraulics, gear oil. Different types of ropes, Fishing net webs, floats.

Northern Slings and Things Ltd. has an experienced skilled team with the knowledge to provide consulting in a number of industries such as Commercial outfitting, mining ventilation systems for projects within the Labrador Region.

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