Nuluak is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies.

Nuluak has substantial fishing interests through its ownership of shrimp, Greenland halibut (Turbot) and Atlantic halibut quotas. While Nuluak owns the quotas, the actual harvesting is carried out through strategic alliances with third parties, for which Nuluak receives a royalty payment.

The northern shrimp quota is harvested by PiKalujak Fisheries, a partnership formed in March 1992 with Labrador Sea (2004)Inc. (LAB) and Ocean Prawns Canada Limited (OPC). The partnership, in which Nuluak Fisheries has a 50% ownership share.

Nuluak Fisheries aslo has a one-third share in a turbot, Atlantic halibut and cod quota though a one-third partnership in Dominion Trading Limited.

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