Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) has several wholly owned subsidiaries such as Nunatsiavut Marine Inc, NGC Nunatsiavut Construction Inc, NGC Solutions Inc, and Nunak Land Corporation. NGC prides itself in its partnerships. It also has ownership interests in the following: PiKalujak Fisheries Ltd., Nasittuq Corporation, Torngait Services Inc., Integrated Nunatsiavut Logistics, Innu Inuit Envest GP Inc., Innu Inuit Toromont Ltd. Partnership, Innu Inuit MacLean, Innu Inuit Redpath, Innu Inuit Kiewit Constructors, ACI Labrador GP Inc., Innu Inuit PDI GP Inc.

NGC works towards greater employment for Inuit beneficiaries and creating wealth for Nunatsiavut beneficiaries through profitable business.

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