Nunatsiavut Marine Inc (NMI) operates the freight and shore based services for the North coast of Labrador passenger and freight service under contract to Labrador Marine Inc.  Labrador Marine Inc. owns and operates the ferry, the MV Kamutik W to deliver the passengers and freight to the coastal communities during our relatively short summer shipping season.

NMI provides reservations, ticketing as well as ship loading, and the coastal wharfinger services who distribute the freight.

NMI is also involved in a joint partnership with Integrated Logistics called Integrated Nunatsiavut Logistics (INL).  INL has been involved in providing tug and barge services moving freight to Voisey’s Bay mine-site since 2018.  In 2019, INL provided “floatel” services to Vale at Voisey Bay to provide additional camp space during the mine expansion.  INL also provides stevedoring services to foreign ships at the port of Goose Bay.

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