Data collection for Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey begins in Rigolet

Data collection for the Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey (QNIHS) officially begins today in Rigolet. The start of data collection will be celebrated with an open house at the Strathcona House on March 23 at 5:00 pm. All community members are welcome to attend. Similar open houses will be held in other Labrador Inuit communities later this spring once data collection gets under way in each community.

The QNIHS aims to address the health and wellness needs of Inuit across Inuit Nunangat. It is a permanent survey, with data collection taking place every five years. The survey will create an up-to-date dataset that reflects the status of Inuit health.

The Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey is completely Inuit owned, led and determined, and will redefine Inuit self-determination in health research. Inuit of all ages, from every community across Inuit Nunangat, are included in the survey.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. Participants are selected randomly based on the survey’s demographic requirements. If your name is randomly selected, a representative from the QNIHS team will reach out to you. There will be wellness supports and transportation available at each data collection site. Surveys can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes and Inuktitut translation will also be available when needed.

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