As part of the first phase of the review of the proposed New Nain Airport Project, the Nunatsiavut Government is holding a virtual consultation meeting, and planning for an in-person meeting in Nain. All are welcome to attend to ask questions or voice their opinion on the proposed project. Representatives from the proponent will be present, as well as from the NG Environment Division and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.

Virtual Public Consultation Meeting
February 7, 7-9pm On Microsoft Teams:

Nain Public Consultation Meeting
February 19, 7-9pm Upstairs meeting room of the Atsanik Hotel

Comments can also be provided in person or on the phone to the Community Liaison Officer at your local NG office or by email to [email protected]. This first round of initial consultation on the project has been extended, and will close on February 19.

Please note that comments received in writing will be made publicly available.

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Assessment Manager, Frederic Dwyer-Samuel, at (709) 899-6702 or [email protected]

Links to project information:

Full meeting link: