Inuttitut Blitz launched in effort to promote, preserve language

A campaign aimed at promoting and preserving Labrador Inuttitut was launched today at the Illusuak Cultural Centre in Nain. An initiative of the Nunatsiavut Department of Language, Culture and Tourism, the Inuttitut Blitz will engage and encourage Labrador Inuit to learn Inuttitut though an array of events, activities and resources – both online and in person. Developed from the 2021-26 Nunatsiavut Language Strategy, the campaign will run from April until August.

Events such as an Inuttitut speak-off and a declared Inuttitut week will provide opportunities for Labrador Inuit and communities to come together in an effort to promote Inuttitut. Resources such as Inuttitut books and the
Tusâlanga books and online platform will supplement further learning. The Inuttitut Blitz will set out to incorporate the language in to all aspects of life and make it as accessible as possible for all Labrador Inuit.

“The 2021-2026 Language Strategy set a precedent for the learning and use of Inuttitut in Nunatsiavut, and the
Inuttitut Blitz is an excellent step in achieving this,” says Language, Culture and Tourism Minister Roxanne Barbour. “I encourage all Labrador Inuit to participate in any way possible, and to continue taking the initiative to use Inuttitut and pass it down to the next generations.

“The learning and use of Inuttitut is essential for the preservation and continued growth of our unique culture,” says President Johannes Lampe. “The Inuttitut Blitz will be an excellent opportunity for all Labrador Inuit to come together to learn, practice, and promote the use of Inuttitut; connecting us to our culture and allowing for its
continued growth.”

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