We are pleased to announce that Inuttut Kautamât uKauset (Inuttitut Everyday Words) is available now. This is a free app for phones, tablets using Inuttitut from Nunatsiavut. It can also be used directly online. The app contains a number of words and phrases (along with audio) designed to encourage people to speak a little more Inuttitut around the communities, and includes categories of bingo, birthdays, commands, etc. You can use the flashcard function of the app to study and test yourself.

The content of the app was selected by Alana Johns (Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto) and Rita Andersen (Nain, Nunatsiavut). The words are spoken by Nunatsiavummiut. Once downloaded to a phone or tablet, the app can be used without internet connection. Take it out on the land!

The app was developed by Aidan Pine of Mother Tongues, using open-sourced technology.

The funding for this project came from Tradition and Transition, a partnership between Memorial University of Newfoundland and Nunatsiavut Government. This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

We hope everyone speaks Inuttitut more and more!

This app was created to encourage everyday speaking of Inuttitut (called Inuttut when speaking the language) within Nunatsiavut communities in Labrador.

Please click on link to:  Welcome to Inuttut Kautamât uKauset (Inuttitut everyday words)