Winter is one of the best times to visit Nunatsiavut. Though it may be cold outside, our communities remain active. Many important activities to our Inuit culture are most enjoyed when the snow begins accumulating on the ground.

With the freezing of the sea ice, ponds, and bogs, the terrain of Nunatsiavut becomes completely accessible. Travel by snowmobile (and sometimes dog-team) across the land becomes the primary means of getting around. Families and friends spend more time on the land together visiting their cabins and hunting for food, while also cutting wood to heat their homes for the coming year. As winter conditions become milder close to spring, most of our communities can be found out on the ice fishing and enjoying the blue, sunny skies.

Winter is an important part of our Inuit way of life. Come and join us for an experience like no other.


Cain’s Quest is the longest snowmobile endurance race in the world! Hosted every two years, racers travel 3,300 kilometers throughout much of Labrador, passing through many of the Nunatsiavut communities.

To find out more, head over to the Cain’s Quest website!