The Nunatsiavut Government is currently undertaking Pingutitsinik Nunatsiavut: Create Nunatsiavut Infrastructure Strategy which is a broad infrastructure strategy aimed at enhancing delivery of infrastructure. This strategy will guide decision-making and long-term investment to bridge the infrastructure gaps in Nunatsiavut. As part of this larger strategy, this project aims to provide direction on growth within each of the 5 Inuit communities in the region and will be one of the major initial deliverables within the overall infrastructure strategy.

RFP_Growth Strategy_Nunatsiavut Government(PDF)

The full detailed scope of work, instructions and requirements for proposals and any further information on the project can be found on the Nunatsiavut Government Merx posting at the following link:

Proposals are to be received no later than 4:00 p.m. (ADT) October 13th, 2023. To be considered, electronic copies of Proposals should be submitted through the Project MERX solicitation advertisement and/or sent to Colin Gilbride – Director of Infrastructure at [email protected] (cc [email protected]) with the subject line PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL: NUNATSIAVUT GROWTH, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING STRATEGY

The lowest-cost or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted and the Nunatsiavut Government reserves the right to cancel this RFP. Proposals will be evaluated on the principles of value for money, which include an evaluation of the Inuit Content Factor pursuant to the Procurement Act.