The Nunatsiavut Government is seeking bids from qualified contractors to complete short-term improvements to the on site sewage disposal system and Torngat Mountains Basecamp and Research Station.  The work involves the removal, storage, transportation, and disposal of waste material in the septic tanks and dosing chamber.

Full project details can be found on MERX Canadian Public Tenders:


 Contractors must be familiar with general construction methods as well as provincial, federal and Inuit laws and regulations.

Contractors to submit bids online through MERX Canadian Public Tenders no later than 4:00 p.m ADT on May 30, 2024.

The lowest-cost or any tender may not necessarily be accepted and the Nunatsiavut Government reserves the right to cancel this tendering process at any time.

The evaluation of bids will be in accordance to the principle of value for money, which includes an evaluation of the Inuit Content Factor pursuant to the Nunatsiavut Government Procurement Act.