The Centre is located in Nain, Nunatsiavut and facilitates both field and lab-based research. The Centre is home to Nunatsiavut Government staff from multiple Departments who work across a range of research areas and programs.

Vision: Support the knowledge needs of a healthy and prosperous Nunatsiavut

The Nunatsiavut Research Centre supports a range of research programs to contribute to action-oriented knowledge and enhance the health and wellbeing of Inuit. The Nunatsiavut Research Centre also focuses on providing opportunities to nurture and grow local capacity among Labrador Inuit, including in various research fields, including creating opportunities to participate in field and lab research. The Nunatsiavut Government leads or co-leads multiple research projects and the Nunatsiavut Research Centre provides a hub for staff and their partners to work and collaborate in a shared space.


Equipped with a dry lab, a wet lab, a social science data collection and analysis office, workstations, walk-in cooler and freezer, and washrooms, the Nunatsiavut Research Centre encourages visiting researchers to spend time working in the region, provides a space for collaboration between researchers and local partners, and creates opportunities for researchers share their work with community members. The Centre is equipped with long distance phone, internet, and fax. Staff at the Centre can help arrange ATVs and speed boats for rent during summer. Chartered longliners / research vessels are also available. Snowmobiles for rent during winter. Helicopters also available for charter year-round.


There is also an adjoining accommodation space with two bedrooms, a common area, fully equipped kitchen, and washrooms that can accommodate up to 6 people on a year-round basis. The fully integrated nature of the Nunatsiavut Research Centre encourages communication and collaboration between visiting researchers, Nunatsiavut Government staff, and community members. There are two grocery stores, hardware store, convenience store, and Canada Post branch within walking distance of the Nunatsiavut Research Centre.