Openness and accountability are vital principles of the Nunatsiavut Government. The Communications division is responsible for ensuring that all Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement and the broader public are informed about the Nunatsiavut Government’s affairs and programs in a timely and effective manner.

The division also includes a team of Community Liaison Officers (CLO) who act as a bridge between Labrador Inuit and the Nunatsiavut Government. CLOs work at the community level, conveying information between the communications division and Beneficiaries, coordinating community meetings, organizing elections services, and assisting Beneficiaries with information requests.

Through the Sananguativut Visual Design Center, the Communications division produces a variety of bilingual (Inuttitut and English) materials in support of our communications objectives, including the Nunatsiavut Government’s Annual Report.

The Communications division is also responsible for issuing all press releases on behalf of the Nunatsiavut Government, maintaining ongoing relations with media agencies, coordinating news conferences, and the maintenance of the government website.

For more information about Nunatsiavut Secretariat Communications, please contact your local Community Liaison Officer or the Director of Communications:

Director of Communications
Bert Pomeroy
Nunatsiavut Secretariat
[email protected]

Communications Assistant
Janice Goudie
Communications Division
[email protected]

  • Department Overview

    Consisting of the Office of the President, the Secretariat is a strategic and supportive component of our government. It is responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs, Policy and Planning, and Communications.

  • Intergovernmental Affairs

    Working with both the federal and provincial governments, as well as other Inuit populations, the Secretariat works on our behalf to ensure our rights and common goals are upheld.

  • Communications

    The Communications division of the Secretariat is responsible in ensuring that the Nunatsiavut Government is transparent and honest in everything we do.

  • Policy and Planning

    The Policy and Planning division oversees many initiatives and programs related to policy with Nunatsiavut, as well as those under the Energy Security division. The director of Policy and Planning oversees the division.

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