Building capacity within the Nunatsiavut Government Civil Service is essential to ensuring a well-operating staff that best serves Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. The Human Resources division supports the Nunatsiavut Government departments with recruitment, planning, policy development, job evaluation, relocation, training, employee relations, and human resource policy development. This division is governed by the Nunatsiavut Civil Service Act.

In keeping with the aspirations of self-government, the division seeks to maximize employment of qualified Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. Beneficiaries comprise nearly 85 percent of The Nunatsiavut Government Civil Service.

For more information about employment opportunities within the Nunatsiavut Government, please see the Jobs section of our website.

As per the Labrador Inuit Constitution, Nain is the administrative capital and Hopedale is the legislative capital for the Nunatsiavut Government, with support offices established in Nunatsiavut communities. The Nunatsiavut Government is committed to having its staff located in Nunatsiavut. A Relocation Committee has been established and is working on the planning process of relocating all the key Nunatsiavut employees, where feasible, to Nunatsiavut.

  • Department Overview

    Like any organization, our income, people, and communication systems are crucial. The various divisions within this department ensure our operations continue smoothly.

  • Finance

    As a self-governed body, ensuring our funding and investments are handled wisely is of the upmost importance. Through proper management of our income, we are able to provide the services and programs that allow our region to grow.

  • Information Technology (IT)

    The Information Technology division maintains current and efficient systems of communication and other tools within our government, allowing us to stay connected with the world and you. The IT division ensures our government and our people get the most out of these systems.

  • Human Resources

    Our people are a great workforce with skills and experience appropriate for a variety of industries. The Human Resources division is in charge of providing opportunities that allow this workforce to flourish.

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