Information and communication technologies play an essential role in Nunatsiavut Government operations and service delivery. They provide communication and collaboration tools for the Nunatsiavut Civil Service, and are a vehicle for communication with Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement across Nunatsiavut and Canada.

The Nunatsiavut Government IT division provides support services to the Nunatsiavut Civil Service and the Nunatsiavut Assembly. This includes front-line help desk support, equipment replacement recommendations and purchasing, IT policy development, securing and managing software volume licensing agreements, and other related tasks as required.

The division also tracks technology advancements and trends, keeping abreast of future information and communications tools and technologies that will advance the collaboration and communication capabilities of Nunatsiavut Government. Viable options will be investigated and incorporated into the longer term departmental planning.

  • Department Overview

    Like any organization, our income, people, and communication systems are crucial. The various divisions within this department ensure our operations continue smoothly.

  • Finance

    As a self-governed body, ensuring our funding and investments are handled wisely is of the upmost importance. Through proper management of our income, we are able to provide the services and programs that allow our region to grow.

  • Information Technology (IT)

    The Information Technology division maintains current and efficient systems of communication and other tools within our government, allowing us to stay connected with the world and you. The IT division ensures our government and our people get the most out of these systems.

  • Human Resources

    Our people are a great workforce with skills and experience appropriate for a variety of industries. The Human Resources division is in charge of providing opportunities that allow this workforce to flourish.