Family Connections
The Family Connections Program is a voluntary program that aims to promote positive parent-child relationships through services offered by a family connections worker. The overall objective of the family connections program is to:

Enhance parent knowledge and skills;

Connect families to formal and informal services and supports
Promote family wellness
Strong families = strong communities

Services are based on the needs of the family, and the program aims to be as flexible as possible. At present, there are Family Connections workers in Nain, Hopedale and Happy Valley Goose-Bay.

Family Connections Manager: 709 896 6765

Indigenous Representative

The Indigenous Representative is the main contact person on behalf of the Nunatsiavut Government for all notifications from the Department of Children, seniors and Social Development (CSSD) regarding children in care. The Indigenous Representative is a part of case planning to support Nunatsiavut Beneficiary children and families and takes a lead role in developing Cultural Connection Plans for children in care to ensure they maintain connections to their family, community and culture.

Indigenous Representative: 709 896 4767

Caring for our Children Project
The Caring for our Children Project is a joint project between the Nunatsiavut Government and the Department of Children, seniors and Social Development (CSSD). This is a voluntary program which aims
to recruit and retain Nunatsiavut Beneficiary foster parents in the Nunatsiavut Region and Upper Lake Melville. There are two social workers who offer support services to Nunatsiavut Beneficiary foster parents and their primary objective is to strengthen and develop a connection between foster parents and support services, to offer support and training, and to promote overall wellness for beneficiary foster parents.

foster home recruitment and retention social worker: 709 896 5829 / 709 896 2313

  • Department Overview

    Focused on the health of both our people and our heritage, numerous programs have been developed by this department’s divisions to promote and preserve that which makes us unique.

  • Family Services

    Family Services The Family Services division of the Department of Health and Social Development aims to provide the necessary supports for creating strong family units.

  • Mental Wellness and Healing

    We are only as strong as the people within our communities, and that is why the department of Health & Social Development has a number of public health programs across our region

  • Youth Programming

    We understand that our youth are an important part of all of our communities, and that is why they plan an integral part in the programs and services provided by this department.

  • Social Development

    The Social Development division within the Department of Health and Social Development oversees an array of services aims at supporting the unique needs of all Nunatsiavut Inuit.

  • Health Services

    Nunatsiavut's Department of Health and Social Development offers a variety of programs and services, all managed under the Health Services Division.

  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

    For Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Information, Questions and Concerns.

  • Community Programs

    The Community Programs Division is responsible for a variety of programs and services aimed at increasing awareness and supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

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