The Department of Lands and Natural Resources is responsible for all matters related to the protection, use, and development of renewable and non-renewable resources in Nunatsiavut. The department is organized into four divisions: Lands, Non-Renewable Resources; Renewable Resources; and Environment. The department’s mandate is to ensure the sustainable management of Nunatsiavut land and natural resources while maximizing benefits from the development of these resources for Inuit.

The department’s responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Nunatsiavut Government’s obligations in terms of co-management of resources;
  • Applying provisions of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement concerning resource development; specifically chapters:
  1.  Land and Non-Renewable Resources;
  2.  Water Management and Inuit Water Rights;
  3.  Ocean Management;
  4.  Voisey’s Bay Area;
  5.  National Parks and Protected Areas;
  6.  Land Use Planning;
  7.  Environmental Assessment;
  8.  Wildlife and Plants;
  9.  Fisheries;
  10.  Harvesting Compensation;
  11.  Place Names.
  •  Management of Labrador Inuit Lands, including Specified Materials Lands and Water Lots
  •  Implementation of the Voisey’s Bay Impacts and Benefits Agreement
  •  Implementation of the Torngat Mountains National Park Impacts and Benefits Agreement.


Thinking of doing research in Nunatsiavut?

The Nunatsiavut Government Research Office is now the first point of contact for all researchers seeking to conduct work in Nunatsiavut. For more information, please contact our Inuit Research Advisor:

Inuit Research Advisor

Carla Pamak
Tel: (709) 922-2942 ext. 225
Fax: (709) 922-2504
E-mail: [email protected]

  • Department Overview

    With the interests of our people, as well as the future of our region, in mind, the Nunatsiavut Government looks to the department of Lands and Natural Resources to sustainably manage our renewable and non-renewable resources.

  • Labrador Inuit Lands

    With so many resources available within the Nunatsiavut region, proper management of the land in regard to both its use by our people and other partners is of great priority.

  • Land Use Planning

    As part of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, we have developed a Regional Land Use Plan to ensure proper management of our land, water, and resources.

  • Inuit Harvesting Rights

    As a Beneficiary of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, you have rights to harvest wildlife, plants, and fish within the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area.

  • Inuit Domestic Harvest

    By reporting your harvesting activities to our department, you ensure the proper management of our resources and the future prosperity of our region.

  • Overlap Agreements

    Thanks to their cooperation, we are able to harvest within the Nunavik area, and we allow them to harvest within Nunatsiavut.

  • Mineral Exploration Standards

    With a number of possible mineral sources already established within our region, and more to come, proper management and regulation of these resources is becoming an increasingly important part of the work of the department of Lands and Natural Resources.

  • Parks and Protected Areas

    Containing one of Canada’s newest National Parks, as well as a number of other protected areas, Nunatsiavut is a rare region that should be experienced by all.

  • Co-Management

    Through a number of boards, consisting of a variety of members from all interested parties, the department of Lands and Natural Resources takes part in the co-management of a variety of Nunatsiavut’s interests.

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